Lucrece to the Rescue

As much as I was praying that my skin would go back to it's normal self after I had the baby, it actually only got worse. Blame it on hormones, not getting enough sleep or new mom stress, my skin has yet to recover.

Luckily, the weekend before I had him I had an amazing spa day with another mama-to-be at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago. I highly recommend you pamper yourself there. Maybe even throw in a gyrotonic session with my friend Dori, who will keep you laughing the entire time. (And kick your butt)

We both had facials while I was there and the aesthetician used this tinted moisturizer, by Lucrece, on both of us unknowingly. When we emerged, we both said "your skin looks great!" I knew for me it was this moisturizer calming and correcting what was underneath. It covers SO well and is not heavy. For those of us that need extra coverage every day, this stuff is the real deal.

Bonus is that it has SPF 30, so it is perfect for the summer. You cannot buy it online, but check out the website on where to purchase in your area. It is literally saving my face right now.


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