Greetings from Motherhood

Six weeks later and these are my revelations so far...

There are no words to describe how amazing becoming a mom really feels like.

Smiles count even when your baby's eyes are closed.

It is totally normal to cry over spilled breast milk.

Seeing your man become a Dad is awesome.

Locking eyes with your newborn melts you from the inside out.

You have never showered and got ready so fast in your life.

Three hours of straight sleep feels like eight used to.

Diaper activity suddenly is normal conversation.

You consider yourself a baby whisperer because you can interrupt cries in an instance.

The internet is a new mom's easiest resource and worst enemy.

You are pretty much obsessed with every grunt, coo, spurt, hiccup. It is all cute.

You cannot help yourself but to post a picture on Facebook because this one has to be shared.

The one time you forget to cover up your son when changing his diaper, he will pee on you and you will crack up laughing. Every time.

Grandparents are the happiest people on the planet.

Sometimes you still cannot believe you had a baby and at the same time cannot imagine life without him.

Though I may be writing about parenthood, baby and family once a week or so, this blog is still going to be filled with frivolous fashion, style, decor and all things that make us happy.

Even in full emersion in baby land, I have had a few spare moments to keep up with style blogs, red carpet events and even done a little Spring shopping. (BTW, how amazing are the looks for Spring we have been seeing everywhere? More on that later)

So let's get back to it for a bit....

Back during NYFW I made some red carpet predictions for the Oscars, and although  only one made an appearance at the actual event....
two more predictions popped up in the last couple weeks that looked fab. So jealous of these two girls, because these dresses were unbelievable on the runway and even better on them. 

Very similar styles and they both look gorgeous with minimal styling and a young, fresh look. Way to go Taylor Swift for not dressing for the Homecoming dance you never got to go to, but wrote a song about wanting a boy to ask you. Ever since that Vogue cover, it looks like she has gotten some great style advice. Jennifer Lawrence has been taking risks all over the globe for The Hunger Games premieres and making it work. Crushed on this Vicotoria Beckham she wore the other night for a European premiere. 

I would have picked different shoes, but the dress is amaze....
These looks feel a bit far away from my nursing bra/leggings combination I have been sporting most of my six weeks, but it gets me very excited for the weeks to come and dressing up. 

Last revelation.... Just as I am about to finish a post, the babe will start crying and make me rush it. Best part is, I don't mind at all. 


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