Weekend Wish: Neat Freak

Call it nesting or just plain craziness, I have been in full organization mode all week. While I will not bore you with the sheer amazingness that is emptier closets all around my house that makes me feel like I can breath, here are a few little projects I got done. 

Honestly, cleaning out closets is the most cleansing thing to me right now. I guess I am thinking that I will NEVER get around to doing any of these things after the babe is here, so might as well let this neat streak keep on riding along. 

At least twice a year I go through my closet and make one of three decisions on each piece of clothing I own (from a pair of socks to a designer bag). Do I keep it? Do I send it off to eDropOff? Or do I donate it? It is astonishing just how much I get rid of each year. You would think that it would help me keep my shopping in check, but clearly not. 

For anyone looking to consign designer or higher end clothes, bags, and shoes I cannot say enough great things about using eDropOff. They are located in Chicago, but will schedule a pick up anywhere in the country. Everything is done for you and in such great taste that you will see your items sell for much more than any other vendor. Don't forget you can shop their amazing selection as well (sometimes the best way to score that designer bag or pair of shoes you are coveting). 

For more great organizational tips, check out Neat's blog. This is a great company owned and operated by two chic San Franciscoans and their blog offers up some great tips and tricks. 

So my weekend wish is to keep organizing and feeling great in the process. Still working on the jewelry ideas, but most likely going to try and score a display case this weekend. I wish that all of you get that one (or ten) organizing tasks done in your spare minutes this weekend. I promise it will feel amazing. 

Happy Weekend! 

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