Acting Shifty

It is nice to have a couple of pieces in your closet that work in just about any situation. A short sleeved shift dress is sort of the answers to all my tried-on-everything-and-nothing-works/fits/is appropriate-for-this-weather/meeting/party/day. 

If cut correctly a shift gives you shape, but is not tight. Great for days when anything tight makes you want to cry.

Be careful with the length. Make sure it is not too short when worn with heels or too long when worn with flats. Nothing is worse than looking like a street walker one minute and matronly the next. 

Bare legged or with tights. It is perfect for this in-between weather time that is hard to manage. Plus, they look great with that tailored blazer you already have in your closet, easy to accessorize with chunky necklaces or cuffs, and the color spectrum is endless. 

Plus with prices like these lovely options, you can get a couple and always have the answer to when having that wtf moment in your closet. 

1. ASOS $36
2. Tibi $297
3. ASOS $51
4. Zara $60
5. Zara $90
6. ASOS $64


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