Early Weekend Wish: I Heart SF

My weekend is starting a bit early as I am headed to San Francisco for a quick trip to see family. I have not spent a ton of time in SF, but I absolutely love it there. The architecture, the people, the culture, the city has just about everything I love about Chicago, but in such a different way. 

So my early weekend wish is for everyone to get enjoy the company of family like I am lucky enough to do this weekend. Even if it is just a cup of coffee in your living room, there is nothing like catching up with those that love you most. 

As for San Fran, I am excited to see you. My last trip was with some of my favorite people on earth and with a sunny weather forecast, I am excited to explore the city with my husband, who has never visited. 

top right photo: Crystal Garcia via Pinterest, bottom left photo: tumblr
What is your favorite spot in SF? Would love some ideas!


1 comment:

  1. have so much fun! the tipsty pig is great for daytime or nightime cocktails in a mason jar. umami is delicious sushi with a fun vibe and the redwood room at the clift hotel is another great spot for a late night drink! i was just there in may for a bachelorette party - you're going to have a blast! let me know if you find my camera ;)




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