Summer Lovin'

How is Summer going? 
I am trying to relish in the madness of it and really enjoy the moments as they are happening. Like sun soaked pool days, friendly tennis matches, and backyard bbq with lots of kids running about. And while there is always the ever looming "What is next/What should I be preparing for?" swimming in my head, this summer has been all about ignoring it. Just flying through it all and being (dare shall I say the buzz word???) present. 
A few fun new outfits can always make these warm days event better, so you know I have been scoping out a few new things. Here are some of the best...

1. I think I could live in this cute jumpsuit 
3. The perfect puff sleeve sweatshirt for cool nights
4. Just wore this breezy dress and love it
5. These pink jeans are high waisted, cropped, and the perfect hue
6. Just invested in these platform Golden Goose's and I am not regretting it one bit
7. This camo windbreaker is a great activewear topper
8. Such a sucker for a block print in an easy dress
9. Just bought this Nars oil infused lippy, and it is so moisturizing 


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