Shopbop Sale!

This week has already been one of those head barely above water ones and it is only Wednesday. Anyone else? 
A nice reprieve/distraction/simple joy within the madness is a suprise Shopbop sale
Pretty things that happen to be 20-25% off can really perk a girl up. 
This sale covers the entire site, so it is time to clear out those carts and grab some cute new pieces for these sunny Spring days ahead. 
Use the code EVENT19 at checkout! 
Here are some of my picks and my previous post was all styled from Shopbop as well, so you can see lots more there! 

1. I just bought this dress and LOVE it / 2. Pretty, flowy bodysuit. Also in black / 3. An amazing suitcase set / 4. A flattering blue linen dress / 5. How cool are these sneakers??? / 6. Obsessed with these black heels / 7. LOVE this red jumpsuit  / 8. Killer star earrings / 9. Always have loved this belt bag / 10. A chic white dress / 11. Boho dress at its best / 12. The best cover up. Also in black and navy / 13. Green Mirrored Sunglasses / 14. These ropey block heels are so good. 



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