3 Fresh Living Room Designs - And an Annoucement!

The heaviness of winter is finally melting away and spaces inside can use a little spring-y touch. I am just finishing my living room, which I cannot WAIT to share, but in the meantime I thought I would put together some pretty spaces in case you could use a little refresh too. These are three very different designs that you could use in a family room or living room.  I am a huge fan of mixing materials, textures, and prints to keep things interesting and meld feminine with masculine. These spaces have a little of each and I love them. 

And local Barrington friends, I have quietly opened a design arm to my business (yay!). I am beyond lucky to be working on projects with amazing clients who trust me to make their spaces beautiful. My real estate business has always been a passion and adding design only adds to that. 
From buying and selling, large renovations to selecting a rug, assisting clients with whatever their needs are and seeing them happy in the end is the best job a girl could have. Contact me if you need help or want to talk real estate! 

Now back to these pretty spaces! 

I love the mix of modern farmhouse with this femme rug. And that book case is bananas good! 

This is such a pretty room! Adding a little dark wood and comfy navy chair means your man will like sitting in here as well. 

And I might have saved the best for last. This feels very grown up and refined without being stuffy. I like throwing in this fun honeycomb light fixture and tulip table to keep it less fussy. 


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