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I find there is a need to check in with myself a bit more this time of year. Do you? The grayness, the cold, the lack of fresh air can rake a bit on anyone. So I am trying to hygge and cook and watch things that are funny and play games with my kids and check in with friends. Because anyone can find themselves in a darker space than they would like when you are literally in a dark place. 
So these little favorite posts are always fun and light and I hope give someone else a bright spot even if they did not even know they needed it. 
Take care of yourselves friends, the sunshine will be back soon(ish). A few favorite things...

1. I have shared my love of this serum before, but this gel is its nighttime sibling. And it leaves my skin SO soft and glowy the next day. Using it 2x week. If you want both, this bundle is such a deal. 
2. Our guest room is currently getting a make over and I need a cute but affordable rug (doesn't everybody?!) I am loving the texture and color of this pretty rug
3. Have you watched Friends From College on Netflix? Matt and I plowed through it in less than a week and loved it. Funny, a little dark, but relatable for us 30/40somethings. 
4. Dylan's Candy Bar tackle boxes are the perfect assortment of gummies for your kids, teachers, or anyone that has a sweet tooth. 
5. I love tiny little earrings right now and these would be the perfect Valentine's gift. For yourself obviously. 
6. I get so many messages about these boots, but these Inuikii are half the price and so cute! Come in brown too. 
AH, there's two 6s! Ha
6. As a face picker I cannot help myself, but these little patches are helping me not pick and delete those little blemishes I hate. 
7. Everyone is LOVING this sweater and it comes in a pretty green and black too. Fave buy in awhile. 
8. If you have a trip coming up, it is Baby Foot time. You need a full week, but this foot mask goes on in a hour and you will NOT BELIEVE how much skin comes off your feet. 
9. Oh hi pretty pajamas for a holiday that I do not really care about but will certainly buy cute pajamas for. 


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