Sun's Out, Buns In

As I sit here in the Antarctic, I mean Chicago, there is no way I cannot think to a planned getaway next month. Because honestly that is what is getting me through these long winter days. 

ps: my kids are also here ALL OF THE TIME. And I love them and their little heavy bodies cuddled up with me on the couch, but one can only watch so many movies, bake so many cookies, and watch them fry their brains for many hours of ipad time for so long. We love and appreciate you, teachers! Can't wait to see you soon! 

Anyway, back to the daydreaming. 
While imagining the pool time and sunshine, the one thought that can be tough is the swimsuit sitch. I do not know if I am just getting older, but are all the swimsuits getting smaller? I mean all of them. Not just the suits that are clearly made for a 19 year old, I mean the "mom" suits too. Too high of cuts and "cheeky" bottoms are not great for basically every person on this earth minus two percent of the population under 30 and a Kardasian. I prefer my buns a bit more covered, mostly because it is more flattering and also because the inevitable wedgie is not a great look for a mom running after a kid. 
Is this just me? Or are you with me? 
Now I am not saying let's go full grandma, but just enough coverage to be comfy and not embarrass our kids. So I searched through to find all the cutest suits that have style for days but you can also rock with complete confidence and not worry too much about that cute bum of yours. 

1. Literally called the "unicorn" of suits it is so flattering. Comes in lots of colors. / 2. Such a cute Striped Bikini. Top & Bottom / 3. Obsessed with this ruffle one piece, on sale! / 4. By far my most favorite bikini of all time. Top & Bottom / 5. A sporty cut bikini in a fun print / 6. My friends all RAVE about this rouched one piece. Also comes in solids / 7. This high waist number is so cute and comfy. Top & Bottom / 8. Marysia is such an investment, but absolutely worth it. The fit is perfection. Also comes in black / 9. I own this one shoulder and LOVE it / 10. Seamless high waist in a cute heart print / 11. This cross back suit is so good / 12. A sweet red suit (This one is cute too)


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