2018 Gift Guide: Under $200

So we are getting mighty close to the big day. Are you done shopping? 
I just got started and fine with it. 
In the age of 2 day shipping we can do that, thank goodness. 
So you still have all most of the time in the world. And hopefully with a little help here to make it even easier. 
These under $200 gifts are all super solid. A few cozy things, a few practical (but also fun) things, and something shiny. You honestly cannot go wrong. Loving this list. 

1. The coziest sherpa jacket $200 (on sale!)
2. A satchel/crossbody that comes in every color $168 (on sale!)
3. Google Home HQ that will help her do everything $129 (on sale!)
4. For the La Croix obsessed, a cute bubbler $143
5. A big heart ring that is so great $125
6. Chic silky striped pajamas $136
7. A wireless Bose speaker in rose gold $200
8. A cashmere wrap that will always feel special $198 (plus 25% off)
9. Cashmere slippers for coxy toes $154
10. The softest, comfiest robe there ever was $189
11. An Instant pot to make her life a snap $119-$147
12. A wide angle lens for her iphone $110
13. For the girl who cannot open the bottle, ever $100

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