2018 Gift Guide: Under $100

So would you be alarmed if I told you my tree is not up and I have done zero holiday shopping??? Yea, it is kind of scary to say out loud. I am pretty sure I am going to get my stuff together in the next couple days, but until then here I am avoiding it all on the blog! Way more fun to put together gift guides than do any actual to do list crossing off. ha 
When it comes to gifts, it is really just this simple. If you can imagine the person smiling when opening it, you've done good. I love all of these gifts so much and really try to knock out options that could be perfect for so many, but also feel super special and unique. 

1. The sweetest tiny star studs $35
2. Crisp old school pajamas you can monogram $95
3. Killer big cat eye sunglasses $68
4. A beautiful brass tray for jewelry $20
5. A chic velvet clutch $98
6. The best sweat pants there ever was $84
7. A pom beanie in a sweet hue $75
8. A super special coffee mug (psst: get 4 to make it a set) $23
9. A market backpack for your framers market lover $98
10. The coolest mixed media hoop earrings $80
11. A monogrammed oversized scarf $49
12. Super cozy slip on slippers $83
13. Glam gold ear buds $55

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