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My heart is breaking a bit with the three week wind down until school starts. Though summer of course has its hiccups, this one has been great.  The juggle of kids, and work, and fun, and camp, and doing nothing is tough, but somehow we got there. So until that first morning comes, we are going to live it up. Or down, however you want to look at it. ha

Here are a few of my favorite things right now, but first do not forget the Nordstrom Sale is still on until August 5th! There is still plenty of greatness and they have even restocked a few sold out items I noticed. 
Scroll through for picks. 

And few of my other favorite things right now
1. I cannot believe I just ordered this wide legged jumpsuit. I should have been wearing it all summer long! comes in a romper too. 
2. Been getting a lot of questions on eye cream lately. This is the one I use every night. . It is an investment, but you only need a little bit and it WORKS. Even my dermatologist uses it! 
3. Everyone loves an LL Bean tote, but did you know you can customize them?! Just figured it out and now I have the perfect bag for tennis/workout gear. 
4. The Handmaid's Tale. Have you watched??? It is SO creepy and completely addictive. Excited to dive into season 2. On hulu and iTunes
5. You guys, this dressing. I am not kidding has gotten me to eat more vegetables than I thought possible. You can find it in the refrigerated dressing section in Produce (heinen's for you locals) and it changes your life. Great on rice and stir fry too. 
6. I am digging a good mom jean, and these Reformation ones are awesome. High Waisted to pull you in, thick denim that will not rip, and a great kick crop to show off your cute shoes at a great price. 
7. These cabana chairs come in so many colors and are perfect for porches and patios. Even a kids room! 
8. Been eyeing this light for over my island and realized that the Serena & Lily Tent Sale started! So many good finds. Especially bedding, baby, outdoor furniture, and even pajamas. 


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  1. The snacks here had a smooth taste with a bit of cheese and lime juice. To start, we got pork rinds at venue NYC here; they were really flavorful with a spicy kick and smooth taste. Plus, it was a large fresh bag too, place is worth the price.



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