Back to School: FOR MOM

Everyone feels ready/not ready for school to start. A bittersweetness that pricks our eyes with tears and sends a bit of relief down our limbs. 
It has been a really good one here with highs and lows to keep it all interesting and full of life. I will miss the sun kissed cheeks, after pool snuggles, and lazy mornings. But not so much the whining for treats, tattle telling, and Popsicle stained clothes. 
And while I (and pretty sure my kids at this point) am craving a schedule, I am already nostalgic for those first innocent warm weeks of Summer. 
But here it is, and we geared everyone up and got them activity signed up and permission slipped up and doctored up and hair cut up and back to bed early and up again. 
We have done all the things!
So now it is time for Mom's Back to School shopping. 

1. A chic rain coat that comes in a ton of colors because you always forget an umbrella on those first rainy mornings. 
2. Give me ALL the dry shampoo, because mama ain't got time for that. This one is truly the best. 
3. A family wall calendar that is actually great looking and keeps everyone organized. 
4. New shades because you destroyed your other pair this summer. Love this company and the quality so much. 
5. Leopard mules that take jeans and t-shirt to a whole new level. 
6. Thank goodness for friends that introduce you to delicious coffee to get us through the mornings. Obsessed and so great to have in the fridge each morning. Thanks LK! 
7. I was gifted this to go mug and it is perfect for hot and cold bevs. Seriously, it stays at temps for hours! And comes in so many cute colors. Thanks Wilson! 
8. By far the jeans I get the most comments on. They are high waisted with a cropped kick flare, and uber comfortable. Get them before they sell out again! 
9. Leggings are a closet essential for every Mom, so we deserve an investment pair that we are actually excited to sport.  Also, these
10. A just oversized enough, draped perfectly, chic AF sweater to wear with jeans or leggings. This one too. 
11. We are going to need all the sleep, so a new pair of soft pajamas will help with that. 
12. Always need a cozy go-to pull over for those first chilly mornings. 
13. Audible is the only way I can get through a book and so easy because you are in your car ALL THE TIME. 
14. You know how you want to go to the grocery store before pick up, but you have to run them around after and no time to get home and unpack? These bags are your solution, seriously changed my life. 
15. Joggers are life's greatest invention. Add a sweater or draped tee and cute sneakers or slides and you are basically Gwyneth at drop off. 
16.  There is no other shoe but the slide needed until the snow comes in my opinion. Love this new cork and pink version. 
17. Spanx has managed to combine leather and camo in one legging. You would be killing it in these! These are also fun. 
18. When you can wear a sweatshirt as a dress AND look chic as hell, you one hundred percent do it. 
19. And because you need one good button down, this gingham shirt would go with everything. Even your joggers! 


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