Gift Guide: For the Home

Something that can make your home even happier is the best. And gifting something for the home can feel so warm and thoughtful. So from the amateur decorator to the professional party thrower, here are some ideas. 

1. There is no girl that does not covet an antique rug right now. One for her kitchen would be SO good / 2. Hand stamped crocks that can hold everything from flowers to crayons / 3. A welcome mat that will make her smile / 4. Because she is a girl that loves a cocktail, this / 5. A beautiful piece of art or even a photograph is beyond thoughtful / 6. A glass cloche to hold her necklaces / 7. Print off a favorite photo and place in this pretty thin gold frame / 8. THESE SHEETS are the best. Such a upgrade and obviously useful / 9. A charger that is also a cute planter for a bedside table / 10. Pretty wine glasses because duh 

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