Gift Guide: $25 and Under

A small gifting budget does not have to be boring (I see you gift cards). And actually it can be really good. 
Because that person will know you really put some thought into.
So whether you need stocking stuffers, gifts for all the incredible people that love you, or sweet gestures to those that make your life (and your kid's life) better, I got you. 

1. This Coconut Bath Soak will feel like vacation / 2. Love this sweet heart necklace / 3. A leather card case that holds a lot and you could slip in a gift card or cash / 4. A copper wine stopper is always in need and great paired with a good bottle for a hostess / 5. Love this ceramic phone charger with bud vase. Put a sprig  or two of pine to be festive and wrap with a bow / 6. A selfie light that easily clips on her phone   / 7. A marble salt bowl and a fancy salt (or not fancy) is great for a cook / 8. Fuzzy soft slippers. This is a great teacher gift / 9. An artsy water bottle for your active friend / 10. The BEST quick treatment face pads that really make your skin glow / 11. This hand cream and body cream are a killer duo / 12. Hands down best stocking stuffer, Baby Foot. TRY IT! / 13. A beautiful bookmark for the friend who reads every night before bed / 14. A trio of rose salve for her car, bag, and vanity / 15. An upgrade to regular ole Jenga for family game night / 16. In a world full of inspirational quote mugs, this mug made me laugh and relate. Throw a Starbucks gift card in it / 17. A silk sleep mask and eye treatments masks for the girl who loves her sleep but does not always get it / 18. A genius luggage scale for the girl who always has the largest suitcase 

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