Gift Guide: For the Cook

You know her and you love her. 
She is the one that always brings the most delicious dish to girls night, is always looking at new recipes, and loves cooking for her family best of all. 
Anything that could make her cooking life more beautiful or easier is a win. 
Cheers to the lovely ladies that feed us so well all year long. 

 1. Only a true foodie can appreciate the beauty of this black Staub. Which is ON SALE / 2. A copper teapot that will be the star of her stove / 3. Investment knives that will make her cry of happiness. These are on sale too. / 4. A pretty shopping list that categorizes her items for faster grocery runs / 5. For the baker, a cute bread box for the fruits of her labor / 6. A pasta maker because she has always wanted to make her own / 7. Ceramic measuring cups that are pretty enough to leave out / 8. Striped mixing bowls that are great for anything / 9. YOU GUYS, this dough comes frozen to your door and you can have fresh hot croissants in your home at breakfast. No work / 10. A marble butter keeper, need this! / 11. A gorgeous bowl to elevate popcorn night. 

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  1. Love this list - and of course, want it all! Great work!

  2. No doubt the perfect gift is the one the recipient really wants but unknowingly. Say your friend has a birthday coming up and loves to cook. Ours En Peluche Géant



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