Gift Guide: I Need a New...

Something that will dazzle us under the tree is great. But let's get real, we all own a few things that have seen better days. And though getting something practical (boring) sounds awful, you know that you will be so much happier that you got it. Plus, there are some incredibly elevated options for some of those every day wares that really should probably be tossed. 

1. Every time I have packed recently, I have wished I had ordered this high tech, super practical, and efficient luggage by Away. Especially this carry on size. 
2. There is nothing better than a cozy robe. This cable knit one would be an upgrade, right? (this one is also insanely soft, and here is a shorter version)
3. Toothbrushes get so gross, so I am loving the idea of this electric version that sends you replacements on schedule. 
4. Sheets get used every single day. Time for an upgrade. Brooklinen is such a great price for the quality. (everything on sale right now, too)
5. This is a serious investment. But if you are blowing your hair out on the reg, this Dyson hairdryer is the ultimate. (I want one just for the quick dry time!)
6. A new phone case that holds a couple cards. So simple, but kind of a game changer. This striped version is cute too. 
7. A new set of dinner plates to make you smile more at dinner time. Love the monogram. This blue banded set is sweet too. 

8. My Mom gave us this cordless vacuum a few years ago. It might be the most loved gift ever. Honestly, it could change your life if you have kids or pets. 
9. Bluetooth headphones that will let you listen to that podcast you love without the cord swinging back and forth during your work out. Yep, you know what I am talking about. 
10. A new cashmere hat to look cool and stay warm all winter. On sale and comes in a ton of colors. 
11. I gifted a Nespresso to Matt one year, but it actually was more life changing to me. ha I have contemplated packing this on every trip we go on. Like a psycho.  

Wouldn't these all make you so happy? 


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