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How is Fall going, friends? Sinking into spiced everything and a possible scarf well? We have been on a bit of a whirlwind which has not let me enjoy the season as much I would like, but I plan on making the best of it while it lasts. An extra afternoon coffee spiked with cinnamon and getting cozy with the kids before bed are helping me remember it is Fall. Here are some other things that are helping make my days brighter...

1. Love these Sorel boots I just got. They also come in blue, coral, and brown and gray
2. I use quite a few of the Glossier products, but this new cover up they make is by far my favorite right now. Melts into your skin, perfect for under eyes and hides redness around the nose. 
3. I have become an almond milk snob and I am not even lactose intolerant. I just LOVE this toasted coconut almond milk so much in my dirty chai in the morning. I wake up early to make it instead of going to Starbucks. 
4. My kids have had these magnetic drawing lap pads for years, but all the sudden they are the shining stars of the toy collection. Keeps them busy! 
5. If you have not discovered the Wet Brush yet for yourself and any possible little heads in your house, get one. A light touch gets even the nastiest tangles out.
6. I have not been buying too many new skin products lately since my revelation, but I have been insistently using this Honest Beauty Magic Balm. Obviously it is great on lips, but it is also great on cuticles, eye lids (for a bit of shine), and any dry patches. Plus, it is pretty. 
7. Almost done reading this tear jerker. Can't wait to see the movie. 
8. In the mood to make this smokey, healthy but hearty, Turkey Sausage and Lentil Soup this week. 
9. Every Fall I end up going back for another pair of these flats. The perfect shape and it comes in such great colors. 


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