Clean Sweep

As I have proclaimed and you can clearly see from my beauty posts, I have no self control when it comes to skin products. I have had acne most of my adult life, so that, along with aging, is something that I feel I am always "fighting." Well little did I know that what I was really fighting with was all of those products. 

Let me explain. 

I got a weird rash around my nose a few months ago. I chalked it up to a break out and tried all my fancy products and prescriptions to cure it with zero success. And then it started to hurt, so I saw my dermo. Turns out I had Perioral Dermatitis  (this is such a sexy post, right? ha), a rash that is very common but you have no idea how you got it. I had to go bare bones with a plain face wash, lotion, no make up, and sensitive skin sunscreen. No serums, no retinol, no masks, basically nothing that I was currently using. This shows you maybe half of the products that I was using on my face. 

Once the antibiotics you take are gone and everything is cleared up (thank goodness it did), you can slowly introduce products one by one every few weeks back into your routine. But I never did because the most surprising part is that my skin had never been clearer (not one pimple in sight), it had never been smoother (wait, I don't need to exfoliate a few times a week?), and it had never been calmer (redness be damned). Not that somehow I have perfect skin now, but going make up free is now the norm and I am not annoyed by my skin at all. So basically I discovered I have sensitive skin and have swept my counter clean to these new standbys. 

CeraVe Face Wash & Lotion
Simple Micellar Wash for when I do wear make up
Glossier Soothing Face Mist because it feels awesome and smells lovely
HQRA+ An Rx from my dermo (using just twice a week)

I am only sharing this because I know I am not the only one that fights with their skin and buys every product known to man. I do not know if this could help you, but I will tell you that a 30 day skin product detox can do some good. Now my hard earned dollars can go to better things. Like dresses and shoes. ha 



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  2. The XL black scrub pants me very well, and the pants have an elastic waist so I had no problems with fitting around the hips, but I'm short so the legs were a bit too long for me (as usual), but that's just me.



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