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High five for the weekend. It was a busy week with cooler weather that broke out the sweaters, work madness with a closing and a contract, an overdue book club (see what I did there? ha), lots of home cooked meals that warmed us up, and a much needed girls night tomorrow. 

And in the meantime, here are 
just a few things making my world go round right now….

1. Randomly wandered in H&M for the first time in awhile. Picked up a few things, including this super soft hoodie with a fun gold zipper. Perfect for lounging. $35
2. I just started drinking coffee this year. Yes, it is true. And only a shot of espresso here and there at that. I love adding one shot to my chai in the morning. This Nespresso Vertuoline makes it easy and this one is on major sale! Nespresso $199
3. Love stacking this ring with my wedding/engagement rings or all alone. Gorjana $27 (on sale)
4. I have been using a lot of drug store brands for shampoo lately, but this brightening shampoo for blondes is worth the extra mo-la. DryBar $27
5. I have professed my love sleep masks before and this one has anti-aging copper in the fabric and has pads for under your eyes. Ilumiage $35
6. I use this Honest Multi Surface Cleaner everywhere. Perfect for messy kitchens, sticky floors under the table, and greasy stoves. Honest $5
7. I bought these inflatable/packable bumpers for Tommy's bed for Spain and decided to use at home instead of a bed rail. Couldn't love them more and they totally work. Skrunks $34
8. These make wearing slippers outside acceptable. Minnetonka $42
9. This S'mores Slow Churned ice cream is the death of me. There is a swirl of graham cracker bits in it that are to die. I have been eating it straight from the carton nightly. 

I hope you have the best weekend. 

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