Happy Weekend

What is on your agenda this weekend? 

(Someone's excited. Mary, not so much)

Matt is out of town, so I will be manning the children solo, wish me luck. I plan on making that lovely rigatoni that was posted a few weeks ago. Already looking forward to it.
 And driving into Amy Poehler's book if I am lucky. 
Although I would really like to see Chef & The Hundred Foot Journey which are both on demand now, so we will see what wins out. 
Brunch on Saturday with a friend will be a nice break and picking up some new decorations for the holidays. Including a wreath! I lagged.
 Doing a lot of my online shopping as well on the couch, a lot of ladies on my list are getting pretty little things from Plum Pretty Sugar. I am a little obsessed. 

I hope you have a cozy and relaxing weekend whatever you are doing. 


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