Bronzer Find: Nars Illuminator

I would love nothing more than to to be Magda. To lay in the sun all freaking day, soak up that vitamin D, and get to a golden brown. 

Actually, I was Magda. In college. Hence why I have to avoid the sun at almost all costs now. But I crave that glow. Even in the winter months. 

Bronzer is the best. The absolute best. And while I love a great blush, I really need the look of a bit of sun on my face to feel human. Especially when my skin has not seen the sun in months (hello February). 

The problem with a powder bronzer (much like a powder blush) is that it seems to disappear within hours of applying. So I researched a way to have that glow last all day and into the night. 

I use it in Laguna and apply just the very smallest amount where the sun would hit my face if I had been laying around like Magda (top of forehead, top of cheeks, maybe a little on the jaw line for contour). Blend well and you are set. It wasn't even designed to be used like this (you can apply before foundation for a natural illuminated look too), but I love love love it like this. 

Bonus is it comes in a few colors, so if you are looking for blush with more staying power it comes in the ever popular pinky Orgasm. Or if you want just a bit of sheen a pretty and subtle beige. 

Happy Healthy Bronzing. 

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