Minted. More than Cards

We are all doing it. 
Scrolling through the printing sites we love, agonizing over each design, hating the sticker shock, but loving the result. Yes, it is Christmas card design time. 

I have used a few different sites over the years (tiny prints, cocodot, pinhole), but this year I went with Minted. Their design options are beautiful and fun, and they had a clean multi photo design that I think will be great for this year. 

Much to my surprise though as I was searching the site, I found that Minted also sells prints. Gorgeous ones that can be printed in many sizes (including large scale). And to top it off, you can have them framed. I obsess over prints and knowing that a site I trust has some options gets me pumped. 

Check out some of these beauties...

Gorgeous, right? And the pricing is not scary, in fact it is great. 

The other bonus on the site is fabric. I wish that I knew how to sew, but luckily I know someone who could make some great pillows or table linens out of some of these lovelies. The selection for options for little people's rooms is adorable too. 

Love a good find on a site I already love. 


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