Time for Wreaths

I never go over board with the holiday decorating, just enough for our house. But what is always lacking is my wreath game. There is usually a scramble for a fresh Home Depot special that looks sad and can barely be salvaged with a red bow. So in an effort to do more in advance this year, I started my search. Almost all of these are dried, so they can be reused again and again. Which makes next year even easier. 
1. Simple and classic. One Kings Lane $99
2. Boxwood has always been a go to. West Elm (varying sizes)
3. Love the subtle glitter with the burlap. Pottery Barn $79
4. Pre lit wreaths are genius. West Elm 59
5. So pretty and girlie. One Kings Lane $99
6. Love the shine on the magnolia leaves One Kings Lane $99
7. This is such a fun way to use birch bark. Nordstrom $64
8.  I worship these LED lights. Makes lighting anything so easy. West Elm $24
9. This eucalyptus is gorgeous and would smell great. West Elm $59

Some of the One Kings Lane options are on a flash sale and only available for a few days.  


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  1. Love this post - I'm the same way, my wreath game is always super sad. Can't decide between 4 and 9.....great post!



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