Making a Comeback: The Denim Dress

Remember that denim dress you sported in the nineties? You know, that one from the Gap that you wore all Spring and most of that summer? Well, it is time to relive that time, but I promise it will be so much better. Instead of scrunch socks and keds, pair with booties or ballet flats and your fav tote. Loving this and really did they ever go out of style? 

1. I bought this one from J. Crew. It is crazy soft and comfortable. It feels like I am wearing a nightgown all day. $122
2. The dark wash of this Current Elliot could make it dressy enough for a night out $220
3. I love the wash of this L'agence style $154
4. I know a lot of ladies who would rock this Asos Maternity dress with their bumps this Spring $$75
5. Worship this MiH shirt dress with the longer hem in the back $285 
6. The bow back of this Asos smock dress is sweet  $76


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