Get the Look: Jenna Dewan

As one of my friends put it recently, Jenna Dewan is known for two (maybe three things) but has somehow kept on the A list radar pretty well. She is married to Channing Tatum (how did he get so famous too?!), she "got her body back after baby" (gag), and she was the star of one of the best movies ever made, Step Up. Oh, and let's not forget that random relationship with Justin Timberlake (there was a dance off involved, natch). 

Regardless of all this cheesiness, the girl wowed me last week with this easy to recreate day look. 

The peplum top with the skinny boyfriend jean is a great combo. I worship those shoes, but the above I found from Nordstrom are a total bargain and pretty darn close. 

If she keeps this up she may actually deserve the press she is getting. 


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