Kitchen Table + Chairs

I am so excited that my table and chairs have come! Thank you for all your feedback when I was deciding, it made ordering new things sight unseen a lot less scary. As you remember, this was the old set (and old wall color). It was a great set that we ended up selling on Craigslist (first time!), but the dark color was too much with the dark floors and island. 

The new set is so much more bright and cheery. It seriously lightens up the entire space. 

I love the style of the Boerum table from West Elm. It has a farmhouse feel, but is in a modern style of a Parsons. This is the natural finish. And you will not believe that a table this large and of this quality was only $600. 

The Serena & Lily Riviera chairs were worth my obsession for a year. I LOVE them. The navy is the perfect color woven with bright white. Again, the quality is really nice, which scared me given the price and the fact I had never seen them in person. 

Another bonus to both pieces is there are easy to clean and durable for the kids. The chairs wipe clean and the table does not show every finger print like a dark stained version does. 

Such a fun addition to the house. And a huge relief that it all worked out after only shopping on the Internet. What do you think? 



  1. Ok it's all darling - love it!! Great improvement.

  2. Love the chairs... your home is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Ok, I'm thinking about getting this table and I just have to ask, now that you have had it for a few months, do you still feel like it is a great choice for "dirty" kids? Ha. If you could let me know I would love it! My email address is sallyjenseninteriors@gmail.com . The chairs are awesome with it too!

  4. LOVE IT! I'm looking at the chairs and table as well as your island countertop. What can you tell me about all three as far as daily maintenance? What I currently have is constant wiping. Thank you so much. Great job! patsuz1@verizon.net

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  6. There is a definite difference in how much more quality these pieces appear compared to previous furniture that I simply painted. From now on I will do things correctly. Demir Leather

  7. There is a definite difference in how much more quality these pieces appear compared to previous furniture that I simply painted. From now on I will do things correctly. Demir Leather

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  9. Hi Erin, Your kitchen is just gorgeous! And I love the combination of table and chairs you chose. I found this post while looking for reviews of the Riviera chairs. I've been crushing on them for the longest time. I am considering them for a beach house. It's a busy household with lots of visiting grandchildren. Are you still happy with your chairs and have they held up well for you? Thanks so much!!!

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