Dining In

I have been kind of obsessed with getting a new kitchen table and chairs for the last month. It is something we really do not need, but since I feel like I live in our kitchen/family room I want a change. 

 This is our current set up....

The table is really nice and so are the chairs, it is just annoying how the floors and the furniture are the same exact color. 

I have LOVED the Riveria chairs from Serena & Lily for awhile, so I know I want those as replacements. Has anyone ordered them before? 

For the table I want something affordable that can will  get destroyed by my children over the next few years. But that has some style and goes with the style of our home. West Elm delivers with this Parson's style table but in a rustic patina hued wood. 

Table: West Elm, Chairs: Serena & Lily

What do you think? Do you like the combination of modern lines with rustic and bistro style? I am loving it, Matt thinks the chairs are weird (rattan? really?), but I have always wanted them. 

Would love to get by Christmas maybe.....


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  1. I could see why you would want to change but always hard to justify when what you have is nice, right?

    I think the new look is awesome but I love mixed up things like that. We have a pretty rustic kitchen table and I paired it with metal chairs - it took awhile for my husband to be OK with it though. I love it!



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