Early Custom Christmas

I feel like there are such cute monogram gifts to give, but that I am always shopping past the date to when they can be ready for the holidays. If you want something done custom, now is the time. 

I have this bracelet with my son's initials and would like this one with my daughter's name from.  

This is a fun way to update the traditional monogram ring. 

These totes look identical to the Celine one I have. But this one comes in more color choices and a much lower price tag. Bonus is you can monogram it. 

Also comes in this shape, kind of perfect for Mom. 

A super soft throw with a cute icon and monogram is great. In stripes, even better. 

West Elm (on sale) 
More colors available

I received the sweetest hat with Mary's initials on it from this small shop. I will be ordering more from them as the kids get bigger and stealing the idea for new babes. 

Not a monogram, but easily one of those perfect gifts that you always wish you had when you you are writing notes and sending cards. A gorgeous return address stamp in fun calligraphy. 

 Etsy Shop AngeliqueInk
Tons of gorgeous styles available

This pillow is a nod to Hermes, you can pick the initials and from over a dozen colors. 

What are some custom gifts you love giving? Would love some more ideas! Trying to get my Christmas shopping done early. 



  1. I love that bracelet!I am Christmas obsessed so have been shopping for quite some time now. I'm doing this art print for the grandparents:


    This print for all the boys aunts/uncles. Fun since you can customize the text. I have so many photos of the boys looking up to them, so, I wrote 'we look up to you.'


    I have the boys initial's from this line - love it.


    Happy shopping!

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