Let's Catch Up...

Wow, it has been a long time. My free time has seriously diminished and if I have any time that does not involve kids, work, or chores I am using it for quiet time reading mags, catching up on my DVR, or squeezing in a workout. I miss writing and hope that I can get back into a more regular schedule.

Baby girl is doing so great. She has slowly becoming more of a baby and less of a newborn, which is fun and a little sad. Smiles, cooing, and longer sleep are making everyone happy. The little man is totally mom obsessed right now. Flattering, but makes life a little difficult with two. Every day we are settling in more and more and it feels great.

I have made some updates around the house, starting with this gem I got on auction on Ebay.

 I totally recommend this vendor for anything kilim. Delivery was quick and the rug was clean and brand new.

We also sold our place in the city (grew out of it with our family of four) and moved all of our furniture out to the house. Still trying to find a place for some things, but we were able to fill up our living room (really, play room) with some pieces.

Decided to just give you the real version of what my house looks like right now instead of the staged one. Yikes. I got that black and white striped rug from Crate & Barrel on sale and love it. Thinking about just painting this room white and maybe the trim on the windows and above the fireplace black lacquer. I still need to hang art, accessorize, etc. but so far it has been fun to have another room to hang in. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw my stair runner that was installed. I am OBSESSED with it.

Karastan Leighland
Karastan runner in Leighland pattern

The pile is perfect for a runner and I made sure it was good for traffic heavy areas and stains. I can already see muddy little footprints in my future. 

I was able to do a little shopping over the last two months, but have still held off while I try to get back in shape. (all the pumpkin bread I made and have eaten has helped A LOT. ha) Mostly every day staples that have been fantastic.

1. How have I not gotten the Spanx leggings before? The waistband comes high and pulls you in and it makes your thighs instantly smaller. That is a bonus I can use right now. 

2. This feels like a fancy sweatshirt. It is lightweight, but cozy and has a longer length to wear with leggings. Plus, it has a zipper detail in the back. (J. Crew Tunic $118)

3. I usually do not wear peplums but this one is super flattering. The classic cable knit is updated with some waist cinching stitches and a zipper. It will be perfect with my coral skinny jeans and brown boots. (Anthro $118)

4. I LIVE in these dresses from Asos. Basically it is a super soft t-shirt dress. The top is super snug, so go up a size. Lots of colors and it can be dressed up or down. Love. (Asos $39)

I wish I was buying fancy dresses and sky high heels, but that really is not my reality right now and I have decided that those things can wait until actually needed before I dive in. 

I hope everything is fantastic with you. Trying to get some posts together for next week, so come back and visit. I missed you. xo Erin 


  1. I know - between kids and a house so hard to find the free time...
    That ASOS dress - so cute. Do you wear it with leggings?

    1. Yes, or with tights. Looks cute with flats or boots too.

  2. Anonymous13.11.13

    Love your style! Where is the sofa from?

    1. It is from a furniture store that unfortunately is no longer open. There are similar styles available at west elm and crate and barrel.

  3. Anonymous28.11.13

    where did you purchase your runner from? can you also provide manufacture and pattern name?

    1. The stair runner is Karastan and the pattern is Leighland. I found it at Luna, actually.

  4. Anonymous4.1.17


    I came across your blog through an instagram pin of your stair runner, which is beautiful! Can I ask if you have dogs and how it has held up? I love the pattern, but I'm worried our dog may snag the loops with his claws. Thank you and happy new year!

    1. Hi! I love the runner and it has held up perfectly. I do not have pets, but two small kids that run up and down it constantly. No snags to date! I hope the helps xo



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