Still Here...

Hello there! I am alive and surviving. Holy hell two kids is a whole new ball game. How did no one warn me? In all, it is going well. Besides the typical sleep deprivation and early morning grumpiness (by me), we are settling in. It is easier this time to know that I need to give it a couple months and just let things happen. Then life will start to develop a new normal that we can start enjoying instead of just surviving. We have all had our first cold as a family, I just gave my toddler a popsicle at 9am to write this, and baby girl is taking a nap in a swing I swear I would never buy, that pretty much sums up what having two under two is like. 

Since I have about five minutes, I wanted to at least post a few favorites happening right now. 

Totally obsessed with the throw back feeling of the new Drake song. I like to blast it in my car on my solo trips to Starbucks that make me feel like a real person. 

I loved this house tour from Domaine. It is such a great , cheery space that I want to replicate. Pops of color, without being over done. Check out the tour here

Also in decorating land, I am obsessed with this marble top coffee table from West Elm. Seriously, I want it for my living room. 

Can someone please come over and make this cake for me? Cinnamon cake with cream cheese frosting would make my day. 

Love this sweater dress from Asos ($75). Would probably sport with leggings or tights. Need to decide what color to get. Sweater dresses are such a great go to for the Fall. 

I hope to check in again soon. Hopefully with more of a brain to write better posts and more rest so I can power through the day a bit more. 


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  1. Yea - so glad to read your new post! And I hear you - isn't two rough? It was such a hard transition for me. I had SO much time alone with Logan (6 years!) that as exciting as it was to add Beckett I just felt so sad about how my role as a mom to Logan had to change. But yes, as you said, give it a few months - everything WILL adjust and fall into place. We eventually found our groove.

    Love the hour tour and we are LOVING that song! Keep going to Starbucks.....alone!



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