Best & Worst: Grammys 2014

The Grammys are usually a night that gives us a lot to get excited about fashion wise. Mostly because it is a hot mess we get to rip apart, but also because these crazy music industry people give us major drama (and weirdness) and it is fun! Not so much last night. It all seemed a little safe. Like I kind of miss Gaga coming out in something crazy and everyone could give their two cents on her sanity. None the less, there was fashion...

Chrissy doesn't have to be there for any other reason than to be the date of her fine man, John Legend, and she kills it in this gold number. Great hair, too. 

These ladies all looked great as well. Sarah could lose the strappy sandals, but the dress is fun and chic. Guiliana was the only one who wore a bright color. Taylor looks pretty. And Anna, while not that exciting, looks fantastic. 

Madge came with her son. They look awesome. The cane is a bit much, but I love me a tuxedo and only Madonna can pull off that hat. 

Mr. & Mrs. Pink are looking fly. That dress fits her so well and he was able to cover up his 4,964 tattoos pretty well. 

I do not really know this Adriana girl, but I have to say I love this. the shoes and the hose (!) have to go. 

Alicia looks good, but the half mohawk and plunging neckline has been done. By her. 

I really want to like the Thicke's since they are HS sweethearts, but something about them weirds me out. Paula is gorgeous and she needs a new stylist asap. I think I could like this without the lion heads on the chest. Which is weird since these are zebra stripes, right? 

They look good, but a snoozer. 

It is so fun to see Paris on the red carpet again purely to see what train wreck she is going to be wearing. Cut outs, sheerness, AND a mock turtleneck. Horrendous. Worst dressed. Welcome back Paris! 

Another worst dressed. Too "theme-y" and over done. Plus, her hair. ugh

I wish there were more worst dressed, but really everyone was so tame and "safe." What did you think? 

There were a couple other best dressed girls there last night near the stage. 

Jenny wearing Mason on the left looks gorg in leather, side swept hair, and every girls best accessory, a bright lip. And how awesome does her Mom look? Lucky girls! 


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