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Thank you to everyone on your feedback about the profiles. You all seem to like the advice from girls in the know, but appreciate they are people that you can relate to. Let's face it, we are all looking for what is new, fresh, and best for all of us and these profiles give you a glimpse into what works and why. 

Our next profile is of Jenny, Associate Publisher for CS magazine in Chicago. I have known Jenny since we were still in our pegged jeans and had braces. We have come a long way and Jenny has become a familiar face in Chicago. As a publisher, she is exposed to so much of what is best in fashion, design and service. She is also a hard working lady who has little free time, but needs to look her very best. Here are some of her tips and tricks. 

Photo: Maria Ponce, www.poncephotography.com
'I get to see so many great clothes in my job, but I am regularly in Sofia Vintage, Sarca, and Bloomingdale's for my evening gear for the best events in the city. I also do love bidding at E Drop Off. It is the only time I'll shop online. Corri makes it fun and always, always has great items to bid on.

I don't shop online much because I like the experience of shopping in person, touching the fabric, and having someone who has a passion for style help me and take me out of my comfort zone. It is so fun to see them put something on me that I typically wouldn't even consider. Heidy Best at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Ave is the best for that. She has put me in some cocktail dresses that I never would have thought twice about, but are a go every time.

I am not ashamed to admit that I hit up Forever 21 on a fairly regular basis for "trendy" pieces and jewelry that I can pair with more expensive items.

Theory is my go to work attire being a publisher, since it translates well from day to night. I have started to belt everything and mix and match colors. Theory makes it easy to take a basic work dress and elevate it with a colorful belt and heels for an event.  

My go to shoes are Louboutin and Tory Burch for work. I have a sick obsession with Tory Burch shoes. Not only the flats, which are great for running from meeting to meeting during the day, but I also have the most amazing pair of heels from her (now on sale). So don't just look to Tory for flats and flip flops, her heels are amazing and worth the splurge, they last. Brooks Shoe Repair is my saving grace. Michael is the greatest and can take anything my hectic job does to me shoes and make them look like new again. Not sure what I would do without him! 

Since I'm all about local clients working at CS, I have two favorite local jewelry designers. Erin Gallagher, in Lincoln Park, is great for fun earrings. Since I typically wear my studs, she makes some great dangles to help me mix it up.  Erin Gordon makes the most amazing bracelets. I love stacking her designs and she makes it easy to pair with my John Hardy bracelet that I wear every day. It adds a bit of color to my mostly silver collection.

I love my Pricvy jeans, such a great find at Nordstrom.  No one has really heard of them and they fit right with flats or heels. It is all about the alterations, it can make a good pair of jeans great in opinion. I go to Tailors Touch or a department store. For everyday jeans, I love Hudson or AG. They are so comfortable. 

For face products I listen to whatever my dermatologist, Dr. Carolyn Jacob, tells me to use. She is hands down the best doctor in the city and I listen to whatever she says. Right now, she has me using the Glytone line of products and it works. 

My hair is naturally curly and I don't always have the time to blow it out myself. Blo Dri is blocks from my office and Elizabeth fits me in when I need help. She also adds highlights when I need a refresher and it makes my week. I am obsessed with all the Moroccan Oil products, the smell and the way it keeps my hair soft. 

I am a sucker for a great tan, but with a history of skin cancer in my family I have to be careful. I love spray tans from Sandra at Bella Bronze. She is Colombian and knows how to make your tan perfect. I keep make up pretty simple, but when I have the time I like to hit up the Laura Mercier counter for new products. The Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Ebony is my current obsession. It is also really convenient to go to when I have an event and want a professional to doll me up.  

When I can make time for a work out, I prefer a long run on the lake front. But with a packed schedule that can be hard to do. I try to take Shred 415 at least once a week, which is insane. I have also started loving yoga over the last year, which I swore was not for me. I love Corepower yoga classes, especially the level 2 class. Otherwise, I try to make it to David Barton Gym for some motivation surrounded by the most ridiculously fit people in Chicago.'


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