Destination: Villa Balboa, Puerto Vallarta

Vacation Rental By Owner. Using this service has changed my traveling life. If you have never used it, explore by researching a place you recently went to and check out where you could have stayed for the same amount as you paid for your hotel. Trust me, the options will surprise you. 

My first experience with VRBO could not have been more amazing. Nine girls on a trip to Mexico and this is where we got to stay. Let me just say that pictures do not do Villa Balboa justice, as the surroundings are just the start to how luxe this place is. 

You would think that we broke the bank to stay in this immaculately decorated,  ridiculously spacious, and fully staffed palace, but I assure you that the rate is more than reasonable. 

You arrive to fresh margaritas and mojitos and a grand tour from the staff. Picking a room is hard because they all have something special with tons of privacy. Each with a balcony and the ocean right below. 

Besides having a beautiful place to stay, you have the most gracious staff at your disposal at all times. Need a fresh drink? A bottle of wine in your suite? A lawn chair moved in the sun? A four course dinner fresh from the local market? It is all done and done very well. 

Cristhian and the other chefs made the most wonderful meals each day. Fresh, delicious, and better than any resort restaurant by far. Edgar arranged for us to venture out into PV and even secured us the best table at the local disco where we most certainly boogied all night. 

There really was not a whole lot of reason to leave the villa. Whales swam so close to the house that their breaths could be heard from the balcony. It was incredible. The house itself is beautifully designed with a wide range of local art, as PV is known as an artist's community. 

When our feet were back on the cold ground in Chicago, we all wondered where the fresh guacamole was and our glass of champagne? Sadly, we were no longer treated like Mexican Princesses. So until next time...

Visit www.villabalboa.com  for more information or to book. Trust me, if you have a large group, you will not find a better value anywhere in Mexico. 


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