Hump Day Dreaming

Photo Credit: Teri Bockting 

With almost the entire country in a ridiculous cold snap, it is easy to do some serious wander lusting.  Normally I would be perusing travel magazine sites and checking out luxurious resorts in far off, super warm places by the ocean. But instead, I get really excited to read the adventures of a fellow blogger (and sorority sister) who packed up with her husband for six months for Asia. They left behind their jobs, house, adorable Frenchie, and have been documenting their trip on their blog. It is such a great way to feel like you are part of their adventure. You can read about how they came to the decision and the ways they prepared by starting with this post.  

Photo Credit: Teri Bockting on Instagram
Not to mention they are fun, honest about the ups and downs of their trip, taking advantage of all the culture around them, and fulfilling the dreams that so many of us have. Packing up and going on an adventure of a lifetime. I am so glad they did it so we can all be along for the ride. 

Where would you go if you had the chance to take off for an adventure? I think I would pick Asia too. 


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