Gift Guide 2013: For the Kids & The Puppy

Some of you have kids, some have dogs, and some crazy people have both! Shopping for them is probably the most fun of the season. There is so much goodness out there, but here are a few ideas for your pooch and for the little ones in your life that are adorable and fun. 

1. I mean, come on? What pup doesn't need a Tory Burch sweater for cold walks? ($65)
2. This gilded water bowl is so chic. ($18)
3. Barkbox is such a cute idea with fun surprises for your dog each month. 
4. These smart phone friendly cashmere gloves are for the owner for those winter walks. ($38)

1. Tommy has a pair of these headphones and it makes watching Curious George so cool. ($19)
2. How sweet is this little cooking kit? 
3. A Diane Von Furstenburg fairy tale book. Amazing. ($22)
4. My spoiled kids are getting this genius activity table from their grandparents. Perfect for trains, legos and play houses. It comes with two sets of legs so it grows with them to use as a regular table later and storage carts. 
5. Just a bucket full of fun craft supplies. Love it. ($29)


Check out my other gift ideas for everyone on your list here.   

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