Fall Uniform

I have spoken about uniforms before, and if what I have been gravitating to already for Fall shopping, this year will be no different. For every day, a slouchy sweater and black leggings or skinny jeans is pretty much all you will see me in. I switch it up here and there with a skirt or a button down, but really it is the easiest (comfortable) look to put together. Especially given my new side kick. 

Luckily with all of the brights for Fall and the coated or waxed jeans that are popping up, I can get something a bit different that will refresh this sometimes-boring assemble. 

It is nice to see someone like Lauren Conrad, whose style I love, also get into my uniform...

I got this top ($128) and fun coated jeans ($178). I am completing lusting over these YSL cap toed slippers ($675). I have not seen this exact shape (not into them being too pointy) with a more wallet friendly price. 

Is it weird to be shopping for Fall when it is 90 degrees out? Not sure, but I love looking to the new season and scouting out what is really going to work for my every day life when it comes to trends. 

PS: Here is a link to some coated jeans I found for $61 on Wallis. Really loving this easy update. 


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