What's Your Uniform?

I remember reading a personal style article in Vogue a few years back from an adorable NYC girl-about-town (can't remember who exactly) and she talked about her uniform each day. She was not a doctor or WNBA player, but one of those sickingly cute city girls you envy. Her uniform was a cashmere sweater, jeans, and boots, except in summer when she wore Capri sandals and switched the sweater to a white button down shirt. Photos of her looked polished and chic, not boring as I would expect from wearing the same outfit every day. She played with her accessories a bit and her hair was perfectly blown out or pulled back into a messy chignon. After reading this I really loved the idea of a uniform and although I never planned it, I kind of started to wear one myself. Albeit mine is a bit frumpier and way less pulled together, I am hoping I channel that chic NYC girl sometimes.  

My uniform most days consists of leggings, a long top or sweater, flats or boots, and some sort of jewelry to make me feel good. I know I am not the only one who wears this uniform, as most people I see out and about are wearing a slightly different outfit than me on most days. I have to say, I love having a uniform as it makes getting dressed in the morning easy, I always feel comfortable, and it is easy to switch up. Now and again it is jeans instead of leggings or a dress or skirt in the warmer months, but right now I am all about the comfort of leggings. We all wear this outfit because it is not tight and ridiculously easy to put together. So what's your uniform? If yours is like mine, I have been searching for some more tops and came across I few that you might like (some are on sale!).   

From Top, Left to Right: 
1. Cotton Tunic from Zara
2. Sparkle & Fade Dolman Sleeve Sweater at Urban
3. Striped Cardigan by Joie 
4. Long Blouse with Sleeve Loops at Zara
5. Mao Collar Blouse from Zara
6. Button Up Dress by Splendid
7. Ecote Macarame Trim Sweatshirt at Urban
8. Woven Knit Shirt from Splendid (currently wearing this while I write)
9. Dolman Sleeve Striped Tee by Stem
10. Sleeveless Draped Tee by Trouve
11. Pullover with Button Detail from T by Alexander Wang
12. Tie Neck Tunic from the Gap



  1. Hey Erin!

    Very eerie...I came on your site this AM b/c I've been frustrated w/ my outfits to school (it could be b/c I'm fitting in only half of my closet). Can't believe that your most recent post was EXACTLY the advice I'm looking for! Thanks for taking the time to spice up life w/ yor websites! Love,Bets

  2. My go to look that I find myself wearing over and over again is skinny jeans with boots or flats, depending on the weather, a fitted tank, drapey cardigan and a statement necklace or bracelet for fun. I have a cardigan obsession - I don't believe it's possible to have enough.



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