Genius Mirror Update

This idea is so fantastic, that I just have to share. If you live in a house where mirrors with no frame, shape, or design hang, you will love this post. Many places are built with mirrors in the bathrooms that are impossible to get off, and even if you do take it down you are left with a serious project to repair the area. Patching, painting, and finding something that fits the space could take lots of money and lots of time. These types of mirrors in my house drive me bananas. They are not attractive and the only thing I have ever thought of doing is hanging some sort of frame around them, but even that sounds like more of a project that I can handle given the shape and size requirements. And let's get serious, I am not that crafty or have the patience for certain handy work. In comes an idea from a great design blog, Little Green Notebook. This genius idea requires just some picture hanging tape from 3M and inexpensive frameless mirrors like this one from Ikea. I love how it gives a stock mirror some whimsy and interest. More traditional shapes would also work, and might be a little more man friendly. This oval mirror would look great. I love when I can find a clever idea that is actually doable in my world. That world being a place that does not require a call to a handy man, any real skill of any kind, or power tools. A hammer and a measuring tape is as far as I can get and even that can get a little scary.


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