Lip Smacker

Lip color can literally change your whole day. Have you ever been having a rough day and swiping on glistening pink gloss just made it infinitely better? I know I do.

 Yesterday while picking up a refill of my favorite blush, Nars Orgasm (if you don't own it, you should, as it has long been called the best and most universally flattering blush in history), and I could not resist browsing the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I have bought them before and always loved the fool-proof application, the long wear, and the vibrant colors. This picture is of me wearing it in Pop Life, a great red with the perfect amount of coral in it. It has a creamy consistency, but the matte feeling of lipstick that I adore. I am currently wearing it in sweat pants and a t-shirt while working from home and my strut to pick up the mail from the driveway was super glam.

The fun salesgirl from the counter also introduced me to their new chunky pencil, Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil. Basically it is the same concept, except these pencils have a shiny finish and a bit of sparkle. they are great on their own or layering and it stays on so much better than a sticky gloss. I bought Happy Days, as the color worked well with my Matte Pencils and on it's own for a hint of pink shine.

Loving my new lip finds. What shade is on yours?


  1. Ok - adorable look, not sure I can do it though. Lipstick has always been something that has scared me a bit. I love the punchy coral colors right now though and would love to try. Any advice for someone who isn't good with lipstick and is completely addicted to plain chap stick? Lipsticks always have seemed drying to me - but I'm sure I am just using the wrong product...

  2. Courtney, these Nars lip pencils come in a ton of colors and are perfect for easy application and have staying power. I have some of the softer colors two, which you might want to try first. Because it is a chunky pencil, you don't have to be too precise. So a few swipes, press your lips together and you are good to go. Another great product that you might like is the Kiehl's lip gloss. It has great moisture and just a kick of color. The pink and red arre great, not too bright, but just enough color. It comes in a squeeze tube like Vaseline, so really easy to apply. Try it out!

  3. Thank you so much for the tips! I think I'll go with a lighter Nars lip pencil as well as a Kiehl's lip gloss - I'll keep you posted on the results. I think, at almost 30, its' time I figured this out.



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