Weekend Wish: A Piece of Dame Taylor

While the world still mourns the loss of one of Old Hollywood's biggest legends, Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Christies auction house has put together sales of all of her belongings. From fashion to jewelry to art and everything in between, you can browse through the collection online. I spent my rainy afternoon ogling over the pieces and needless to say the woman had great taste. I especially loved seeing the wedding bands of her and Richard Burton (above), the many gorgeous caftans she was famous for wearing and some of the lovely mod looks from the sixties. The best part is there is an online auction going on until December 17th, so you can bid if you are dying for a piece of Elizabeth. 

My weekend wish is to channel some of this amazing glamour into my weekend, even just a touch. 

I am taking a couple weeks off to spend with my family and relax. So you will not be hearing much from me until the new year. I wish everyone the best of holidays and thank you for the support over 2011. It has been so much fun writing this blog, hearing from my readers, and sharing all these fun ideas and inspiration. I hope to bring you even more in the coming year and I hope you continue to visit. I truly am so grateful for it. 


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