Welcome 2012

How was your holiday? Seems sad when it is all over, but nice to start fresh with a new year. 

My time off was filled with caramel turtles, jigsaw puzzles, slippers, Pellegrino (missed my bubbly!), warm fires, movies, waffles, nursery furniture, and a very relaxed time with family I truly love. It was really great. 

As far as resolutions go, I am not the best at making or keeping them. From not swearing to not slouching, my resolution sounds like more of a directive from your grandmother. So instead, I am just going to resolve to enjoy every moment of this year. With a few more weeks of "just the two of us," a babe coming soon that will rock my world, and the wedding of my brother to a girl I adore, this year is going to be filled with many memories that will make 2012 a year I will never forget. 

Speaking of memories, nothing reminds me more of when I fell in love with the over-reaching world of high fashion than Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow in the pages of Vogue. Their covers were gorgeous and the way they posed in the couture gowns are unforgettable moments in which I remember flipping through and learning about style that transcended the walls of my Midwest home. 

And just like magic, the year 2012 at Vogue begins with a layout with fashion's favorite twosome. All lovely, gazing perfectly at the camera and wearing beautiful clothes. 

Such a nice way to start the year. It has been a decade since they posed together, so many memories since then. 

Cheers to more inspiration that takes us back to times we fell in love with something and a year filled with new loves and all the memories in between. 


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