Ode to Chanel

I have been looking for a print for my closet, where I keep my jewelry and perfume. You know that girlie shelf that starts out all organized and fun and after a month of not putting things back in its place it gets a little messy and not so cute? Well, a print couldn't hurt to make it look more polished. 

I am a one scent girl. I do not even wear perfume every day. When I do, I wear Chanel No. 5. It has a classic, powdery scent that I love. It is not for everyone, but I love it. 

This cute print on Etsy could be the perfect print as an ode to my signature scent. Small, unassuming and just girlie enough. 

CathrynsDesigns, the shop this is from, has some other fun illustrations of some of girls' favorite things. Even a pair of black Louboutins. So even if you cannot have the real thing, you could hang it in your closet as inspiration. 


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