Bringing Back the Photo Collage

Remember the good old days when you would take pictures, bring the film or disposable camera in to be processed and pick up the images with so much anticipation you could hardly contain yourself? I miss those days. I miss them more for the the fact that I had honest to goodness pictures around to frame and pin onto a photo collage. 

And though those days are long gone, there are some creative and chic ways to bring back the photo collage, just like the days of dorm room living. 

Check out this amazing piece by photographer, Annie McElwain

She simply pulled some of her favorite images and made a collage for her home. I love the scale, the different colors and I am sure she gets so much satisfaction seeing her work in this fun way. 

And though your work may not be professional, you certainly have some fun images to display. Not to mention this helps you decide how to display all the amazing photos you have from that trip to Europe, your three year old growing up or even wedding pictures. 

I found a couple of options to make this work for us that do not have access to a professional photo display designer and printer. Snapfish offers a 20 x 30 that you can make yourself. Choose the pictures you want and the background (skip through the cheesy themed versions) and simply order. 

If you are an Instagram user (If not, and an iPhone user, visit your app store and start playing), this service is perfect. Printstagram will make you a 20 x 40 poster with up to 400 images from your Instagram app. They also have some other fun printing concepts to check out. 

I need to seriously start using my Instagram, because I am obsessed with this homemade art. For sure an upgrade from my beloved college photo collages still hanging out in my basement (priceless). 


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