Weekend Wish: A Piece of Newport

While in Newport last weekend, I came across some beautiful abstract sailing photographs in a local restaurant. Being in a family that loves to sail and trying to keep the kitsch away from anything "themed" in my house, I am always on the look out for art I know my husband will like and I can see on our walls.

The photographer is Onne van der Wal, a dutch photographer who has been sailing and capturing moments on the water for over twenty years. I found his gallery in Newport and had a chance to see some of his work on a large scale and loved it. Vibrant, fun and reminding me of the everything I love about the ocean, I am currently shopping for a piece for our house.

You can order his prints online and the smaller sizes are very reasonable. I really loved the large scale stretched canvas prints, everything can be browsed, bought, framed and sent straight to your door. They have such an impact and seem like an investment I would not mind making.

While this art is not going to blow away the critics, I really love photos that capture something dynamic and resonate a memory. I will always remember my trip to Newport and my stumble across the Dutch sailor who loves to take photos. 

Happy Weekend!

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