Gift Idea: Funky Keys to Anyone's Heart

We are all lucky enough to be surrounded by people that have things to celebrate. Marriages, babies, new homes, birthdays, graduations, the list is endless and the announcements never end. 

Gifting can be a chore, so I try to scout out new and fun ideas to spice things up from the usual registry or stereotypical items. When I come across a gift idea that I like, I try to take note so I can use it when I receive that next text, email, facebook message, phone call or invitation announcing a new milestone. 

This one caught my eye in the latest InStyle and I think it is such a fun (and inexpensive) idea for gifting a new neighbor or for a housewarming. 

At just five dollars a pop, these Stat Keys will make a great statement to any key chain. Plus, it makes it very easy to recognize what key is for what door.

They keys are delivered form Stat blank, so a quick trip to the hardware store or locksmith will get them cut.

Of course, there is no harm in gifting yourself a couple as well.

Do you have any fun gift ideas that you want to share?



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  5. And with nearly a full can of matt black spray paint left over I'm already scouring the house for my next design dilemma. Maybe something in Ross's bedroom? Watch this space..! Jim Bailey

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