Nighttime Regime

I have officially become a bit fussy when it comes to bedtime. My entire night time skin care regime is done in exact order, followed by brushing and flossing, lotion is slathered on with enough time to set in, hands are massaged with some serious hand cream, glass of cold water is placed bedside, alarm is set, Law & Order is playing on the Tivo, head is laid to rest on a Tempurpedic pillow and silk eye mask is pulled down to put me in complete darkness. 

This all sounds a bit over the top, but I know you have your own routine as well. The step I think is actually the most important of them all is the eye mask. It has honestly changed my skin and my sleep. As Julie pointed out in her profile, most people discover them out of necessity to sleep in a lighted room. But the beauty is that those nasty lines that used to appear around my eyes in the morning (you know the ones that take an hour or two to disappear, and longer as the years pass by) are no longer there. I also feel like it keeps my eye cream in place so it can get through its nightly duty. 

I love all the Mary Green styles and my husband still laughs at me every night for looking silly, even after a year of use. I go to bed smiling knowing that I get a great nights rest with no light to bother me and I wake up with a little less wrinkle. 

So what is your nighttime trick that you cannot live without? 


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