Weekend Wish

Since SATC went syndicated, I have been watching a whole lot more of it. It is fun to relive the memories with the girls and remember what the show was like before the movies. One of my favorites was on the other night, 'I Heart NY.' As a refresher, this is the episode where Big moves to Napa and Miranda gives birth to Brady. 

While my absolute favorite part of this episode is how Miranda asks for no cheerleading during the birth and even has to ask for help to stop Steve from crying, something else caught my eye this time around. 

The record player. While it seems like such a blast from the past, there is something really fun and romantic about it. Though my first albums were of the tape variety, I remember going through my parents' old vinyls at some point in my teens. 

My weekend wish is to possibly go back in time and pick up one of these turntables and order some of my favorite classic albums on Amazon. This Crosley is perfect since you can hide it as a small trunk when not in use.  

Happy weekend and may your days be filled with some of your favorite classics. 


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