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In our next profile, the lovely Julie shares with us her favorite products, labels, and fitness spots. She lives in Chicago (LP) and is the Director of Marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue. With a fun job like that, Julie is super busy and has to stay chic. Here are her secrets on how she keeps it all together.

'I am fortunate enough to work in one the most amazing luxury fashion houses, so shopping (fortunately and unfortunately!) comes easily.  When I travel, I love to shop--Paris, New York, how could you not?!  I recently was in the Hamptons and fell in love with all of the local boutiques.  It's fun to stumble upon things I couldn't find at home.  But in Chicago, of course, my go-to is Saks.  We house some of the best brands in the city, so it makes it hard to look elsewhere.  I have to say, I jump around from designer to department.  But my favorites right now are Yigal Azrouel and Pauw.  I also love Rag & Bone and Rebecca Taylor.  I love color and dresses and that's what it's all about this season! 

I'm not a big jeans girl.  If I do wear them, I'm usually wearing the skinnys by J Brand.  And thankfully the wide-leg 1970s-inspired trousers are back this season.  I love utility-style pants.  I picked up a pair of army green Isabel Marant cargo-esque pants this season and wear them all the time - heels, flats, flip flops - it doesn't matter!  My boyfriend calls them my uniform.

I have to say, when I'm not at work or going to an event, I love J. Crew and I seem to be always running around in workout clothes.  On weekends, I'm usually in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops.  I love casual and Chicago is the perfect city for it.  The best part about J. Crew is that they know how to do casual chic.  Not to mention, their costume jewelry is my absolute favorite!

I'm pretty laid back about my beauty regime.  My mom never let me wear much make-up as a kid and I think I still adopt that mentality.  It's really just mascara, concealer and bronzer for me.  I love Guerlain's Le 2 - essentially two mascaras in one.  I have a natural reddish complexion, so I'll use just about any bronzer.  I'm obsessed with Bobby Brown's Concealer Kit.  It's a one-stop shop fix-all!  I'm a true sucker for lip gloss.  If you open any of my handbags, you'll find many!  My favorites are YSL, Guerlain and Chanel.  But I have to say, my all-time favorite for the lips is Burt's Bees lip balm.  I think I apply it 10 times a day! 

To wash the make-up off, I keep it pretty simple too.  My mom also taught me to take good care of my skin (wise woman, right?!).  I splurge on my products and switch off between Sisley and Guerlain.  A good cleanser and moisturizer for all seasons is a must.  And I love eye cream...my splurge this year was L'Or de Vie by Dior.  I think the secret though (don't laugh!) is my eye mask.  I started sleeping with an eye mask when I lived in Paris and didn't have blinds.  The sun woke me up every morning.  I swear it keeps my eyes rested and I sleep longer.  I take it with me everywhere I go.

I have to admit, I do love being bronzed, but my sensitive Croatian skin allows minimal amounts of natural sun.  Because we have so few months of warmth in Chicago, I go to Ortanic at Fitness Formula Clubs for a natural glow.  When I do get outside, I cover up with Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer.  It's the best!  And it doesn't rub off when I exercise. 

Hair is something I refuse to make challenging.  I use just about any shampoo and conditioner - I love all the Dove products.  I wear my hair curly in the summer and in the the winter, I'm usually running around with it pulled back.  Blowing out my hair is something I always seek to perfect.  My ultimate pamper is my hair stylist Alyn Topper.  I'm naturally blond, so my upkeep isn't too strenuous.  But Alyn uses a technique called balayage, which keeps the hair looking very natural and it lasts longer.  I LOVE Alyn!!

My job keeps me very active and social.  And to keep up, I love to workout.  I like to mix it up; I find that the same workout routine is boring.  I try to do something different every day.  Some of my favorites are Core Power Yoga, Core Fusion at Exhale, Shred 415, All About Dance, tennis at Midtown, and Tabata with Julie Valenti at Equinox.  I retired my running shoes after two marathons, but it's hard to resist a run on the lake in the summer.  To live in Chicago, I think it's what we all long for! '

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